The Research Training Intensive

Ma'yan's flagship program

Our Mission

Ma’yan provides feminist, social justice, and leadership training to self-identified teen girls and teaches vital skills to parents and educators. Based at JCC Manhattan, we work in the Jewish community and the wider world towards greater equality for women and all people.

The 8 things we most love about working with young people

Youth work is a crucial part of activist work today – it’s not just for the future.

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Tips for Becoming an Active Listener

Active Listening is a powerful tool that can be used to create empathy and better understanding among staff, families, activists, and communities. Download the PDF below to learn more about how to be an active listener!

Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression

"Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression" is one of three white papers that Ma'yan prepared as handouts for That's Not Fair!

From the Blog

“From our learning sessions to our final presentation, my view of the world never stopped expanding. Everything is different now; I am different now. My goals and views have changed for the better…I’m not just a bystander in a world that is fixable. Ma’yan has turned me into a fixer.”

Eli Kovacs, RTI 2015-16