“Pretty Sexy Sassy” Webisode #3: Effects of Advertising and Industry

Your wait ends now! Introducing Webisode #3 of the Ma’yan RTI video Pretty Sexy Sassy: How Girls and the Media Consume One Another. This five and a half minute video examines marketing and corporate interests in popular media and how these impact girls and young women.

Pretty Sexy Sassy Episode 3: Effects of Advertising and Industry from Ma’yan on Vimeo.

If you haven’t been following our previous chapters, Webisode #1: What We Watch (and Learn) and Webisode #2: In the Mirror are also available to stream! And stay tuned next week for the final installment — Webisode #4: Can It Be Different?

For more information about the video and Ma’yan’s Research Training Internship (RTI), or to schedule a screening and discussion in your community, contact Ma’yan’s Director of Research, Beth Cooper Benjamin, Ed.D., at beth@mayan.org.

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