"Active Listening for Social Justice" Workshop

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Public Event
Mar 13, 2013
Vanguard High School, 317 East 67th Street, New York, NY 10065


While we fight identity-based inequalities by trying to make systemic change, we also need to bring anti-oppression principles into daily interactions. How can we actively communicate abstract ideas like “respect” or “openness”? At this workshop, you’ll learn concrete verbal and non-verbal techniques that work immediately to address power differentials within groups and improve one-on-one communication. Whether you are a teacher, student, or activist, you’ll learn how to improve your effectiveness by communicating to others that you value them as human beings, a central task of building strong relationships and equitable communities.

This workshop will take place at the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) 4th Annuel Conference, "El Pueblo Unido," on Saturday, March 16, 2013. Click here for more information about the conference, and to register. Click here for more information about NYCoRE. This workshop will be led by Ma'yan Program Director Pippi Kessler. To learn more about Pippi, click here.

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To register for the conference, click here. Registration closes at 5pm on Friday, March 15th. The cost of attendance is on a sliding scale.