Beyond Miriam Resource Guide

"Beyond Miriam" is a guide that can be used in all types of Jewish summer camps, regardless of their religious affiliation. The information that is part of this guide relies on statistics and information from national organizations. This helps to create a guide that is not only based on Jewish principles, but has a scientific and sociological basis. "Beyond Miriam" also offers activities for counselors to use in their groups as well as behaviors that the counselors and directors can model for their campers. While this guide is intended for camp settings, it is also applicable for youth group settings and can be a valuable quick reference guide for educators.
Type of Media: 
A resource guidebook for camp directors
Program contact
Contact Name: 
Maggie Bar-Tura
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Organization and Writers: 
Project conceived by Naomi Less and compiled by Natalie Goldfein for the Foundation for Jewish Camp, Inc. Contributors include Norman Friedman, AM Skier; Cheryl Magen, Davidson School of the Jewish Theological Seminary; and Natalie Goldfein.
Approximate Cost: 
Free; available online at
Materials Included: 
Articles, information, tips and bunk activities for dealing with eating disorders and self-mutilation
Target Audience: 
Camp directors dealing with adolescent girls
No training is offered with this resource guide—it is self-directed training
Length of Program: 
Each activity has a different time length. The actions suggested in this guidebook are intended to be carried out over the course of a summer at camp.
Summary of Curriculum: 
This is a resource guide for camp directors and higher level staff, not a complete curriculum. This guide includes facts, statistics, articles, and other information on the prevalence of eating disorders and destructive behavior in adolescent girls, as well as ways to arm directors with strategies to help their staff identify issues as they may arise in a camp setting. A main goal of this guide is to educate camp directors and their support staff on the self- destructive behaviors that exist within the lives of adolescents. It is the hope of the writers of Beyond Miriam that camp directors will be more attuned to the needs of adolescent girls and more likely to notice self-destructive behavior. The information in this resource guide is meant to be integrated into camp culture and used to educate the counselors, rather than the campers. This guide can be used in all camps, regardless of their religious affiliation and the information can be transferred to other informal education settings. Activities for counselors as well as Jewish themes and texts are integrated into the resource guide.