“Bishvili: For me—A Jewish Implementation Guide to Full of Ourselves”

“Bishvili: For me—A Jewish Implementation Guide to Full of Ourselves” is the recently produced companion to the "Full of Ourselves" program, specially designed for Jewish girls. The guide uses Jewish texts and values to supplement the core curriculum of "Full of Ourselces" and teach young girls about healthy eating. The guide is designed to be used with "Full of Ourselves" and will be made available for use in Jewish school and camp settings.

Type of Media: 
Written curriculum in a workbook format
Program contact
Contact Name: 
Dr. Catherine Steiner Adair
Program Contact Email: 
Organization and Writers: 
Catherine Steiner Adair and Lisa Sjostrom—published by The Hadassah Foundation
Approximate Cost: 
Free; available through The Hadassah Foundation
Materials Included: 
This guide is meant to be used in Jewish settings in conjunction with Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health and Leadership (FOO). It is not a stand-alone curriculum, but a guide that supplements FOO with Jewish text, rituals, blessings, prayers and song, along with activities and discussions that emphasize Jewish values in sync with those of FOO.
Target Audience: 
Jewish girls, ages 11-14
No additional training is required for either Bishvili or FOO. This program can be held during the school day, as an after-school program or part of religious education at a synagogue.
Length of Program: 
Bishvili corresponds with the eight topical units of the FOO program. The program can last from two to four months, depending on how often the group meets, the length of each meeting, and how many sessions are planned for the second phase. A typical meeting runs from 45 to 60 minutes.
Summary of Curriculum: 
This compendium to Full of Ourselves helps to develop positive body image and healthy lifestyles through a program that creates a shared experience and camaraderie with other girls. The curriculum aims to strengthen girls’ self-esteem by helping them connect to their Jewish heritage and Jewish values—particularly those that encourage nourishing and respecting body and soul, and assuming personal and social responsibility to make the world a better place. See “Full of Ourselves” program summary for more details.