“F.E.G.S. No Body’s Perfect(TM)”

“F.E.G.S. No Body’s PerfectTM” (p. 34) is a project that helps train educators to use evidence-based curricula such as “Full of Ourselves: Advancing Girl Power, Health and Leadership,” a Harvard Medical School curriculum written by renowned authors and researchers, Catherine Steiner Adair and Lisa Sjostrom. This program is written for the middle school and upper elementary grades, respectively, and each of them have as their goal, helping girls improve their body image and develop healthier eating behaviors. The program includes Jewish materials, which help in facilitating and integrating the messages more effectively in a Jewish setting.

Type of Media: 
This program incorporates many different approaches to dealing with issues of body image and eating disorders, including presentations and group facilitation at schools or community centers. A guidebook that includes magazine articles, Jewish texts, and information on eating disorders is available.
Program contact
Contact Name: 
Marlie Cohen
Program Contact Email: 
Organization and Writers: 
F.E.G.S.—Health and Human Services System, Long Island Services; The Hadassah Foundation
Approximate Cost: 
Call 516-496-7550 for more information
Materials Included: 
F.E.G.S. specialists are trained to facilitate Full of Ourselves: Advancing Girl Power, Health, and Leadership and other evidence-based curricula. The specialists utilize that curriculum as well as a Jewish text guide for that curriculum. The guidebook includes articles that can be removed from notebook and copied, Jewish texts and lesson plans that correspond to Full of Ourselves.
Target Audience: 
F.E.G.S. works with all types of groups, tailoring a program that will meet a group’s specific needs. Groups that have received assistance from F.E.G.S. include day schools, synagogue schools, public schools and adults in sisterhood programs.
F.E.G.S. provides intensive training to educators and human service professionals on how to facilitate the Full of Ourselves curriculum and use the F.E.G.S. Jewish Guide with the curriculum. F.E.G.S. provides ongoing support for the educators using these programs and if necessary will go to the site and model the program.
Length of Program: 
As each program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual group, it is not possible to give one set length of time. The aspect of F.E.G.S. No Body’s Perfect(TM) that utilizes Full of Ourselves follows the same timeline of two to four months for the entire program, 45-60 minutes per session.
Summary of Curriculum: 
F.E.G.S. No Body’s PerfectTM combines educational workshops, school and community-based curricula, and trained specialists in one program to help communities and schools with educating about eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem. Jewish texts are included that correspond with themes in sections of the “Full of Ourselves” curriculum. No Body’s Perfect(TM) provides training for educators and human service professionals to use the “Full of Ourselves” curriculum with the F.E.G.S. Jewish Guide to provide a Jewish perspective on body image and healthy eating. F.E.G.S. also uses and trains professionals to use Healthy Body Image: Teaching Kids to Eat and Love Their Bodies, Too!, designed for younger audiences (elementary school aged students).