In G-d's Image

"In G-d's Image" is a sourcebook created for United Synagogue Youth (Conservative movement) conventions and retreats, arms educators to teach teenagers about the Conservative movement's views on issues of sexuality, relationships, body images, and substance abuse. The ceurriculum has been edited and added to since its initial creation in 1979 but has not been formally updated since 1994. The result is a curriculum that provides a sound basis and model for creating activities and opportunities for learning about these issues, but not the most up-to-date information.

Type of Media: 
Curriculum guide and workbook
Program contact
Contact Name: 
Amy Dorsch
Program Contact Email: 
Organization and Writers: 
Bernard Novick; Stephen Garfinkel and Ari Y. Goldberg, editors; United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, Department of Youth Activities
Approximate Cost: 
Materials Included: 
Text, handouts, complete lesson plans for facilitators, instructions, and background information for facilitator
Target Audience: 
High school students
No training needed
Length of Program: 
Sections of the workbook can be used to fit the time needed for the group. There is not a set amount of time with this curriculum, although it is typically used at a youth retreat or weekend that includes three to four class sessions, at approximately one our per session.
Summary of Curriculum: 
This curriculum outlines and teaches the Conservative movement’s views on issues of sexuality, relationships, body image, and substance abuse. It provides a basis and model for creating activities and learning opportunities. Other curricula have been developed by individuals based on this sourcebook for use at USY retreats. More information on obtaining these curricula can be found through the USCJ Book Service— and select the category “Department of Youth Activities.”