Keshet’s “Shalem Project”

Keshet’s “Shalem Project” is a unique program that provides training, support and resources for Jewish educators to promote respect, honest dialogue and ongoing growth by exploring gender and sexual orientation issues in a Jewish context. Using a Jewish lens, workshops explore issues such as supporting a teen who comes out, confronting homophobia and teasing among youth, creating sage learning environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and children with LGBT parents, and adapting programming and curricula to reflect a welcoming and inclusive vision of Jewish community and life. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of individual institutions and their communities.

Type of Media: 
Training resources and workshops
Program contact
Contact Name: 
Andrea Jacobs
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Approximate Cost: 
Trainings are offered on a sliding-scale fee from $300-$1,000 for a two- to three-hour introductory workshop. Longer workshops are available. Keshet also offers annual Training Institutes for Jewish Educators interested in learning to train other professionals in their community. Participation in the Training Institutes is subsidized by Keshet.
Materials Included: 
Guidelines for creating inclusive programs, resources for supporting youth, sample lesson plans, and teaching resources, such as the Hineini DVD and Curriculum Resource Guide
Target Audience: 
Jewish educators in formal and informal settings: day school and Hebrew school faculty, youth group advisors, and summer camp staff
Shalem Education project is a t raining program that includes trainings for staff and faculty, as well as annual train-the-trainer Training Institutes.
Length of Program: 
Multiple options for training workshops: Two-hour introductory workshop, three-hour workshop with screening of Hineini Three-day Training Institutes—train the trainer programs for Jewish educators and lay leaders
Summary of Curriculum: 
Keshet’s Shalem Education Project provides resources, support and training for LGBT inclusion to Jewish educators, youth and families. “Shalem” is the root of “wholeness” in Hebrew. We chose this name for the project because our goal is for LGBT Jews to be embraced by the broader Jewish community and encouraged to be fully present as our whole selves. The Shalem Education Project has four components: • Training and Technical Assistance for Jewish Safe Schools and Supportive Communities:Support, training, and resources for Jewish educators to promote respect, honest dialogue, and ongoing growth by exploring gender and sexual orientation issues in a Jewish context. The Massachusetts Jewish Safe Schools and Supportive Communities Network provide additional peer support to a cohort of Jewish educators in Massachusetts. Nationally, we offer facilitator training and technical support in establishing similar networks or programs in other communities. • Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School Community screenings and facilitated workshops of the Keshet-produced documentary film • Hineini Curriculum Guide A comprehensive educational companion to the film, the guide provides discussion questions, lesson plans and programming ideas for use in both formal and informal Jewish educational settings with youth in grades 7-12. • Capacity Building for LGBT Inclusion Consulting and training for LGBT Jewish groups; JCC, Jewish Family and Children Services, Federation and synagogue outreach initiatives, and individual activists who seek support in creating change in their communities. Technical assistance is also available to communities interested in replicating the Keshet Jewish safe Schools and Supportive Communities program.