“Love: All That and More”

“Love: All That and More” is a multi-media, multi-faceted approach to dealing with issues of healthy relationships and dating violence. The curriculum utilizes core themes in order to override societal stereotypes and beliefs in a way that is accessible to many different populations. The curriculum itself is not specific to one religious group, although it can be tailored to the needs of a Jewish population using the guide that is included in the curriculum.

Type of Media: 
Video and accompanying curriculum
Program contact
Contact Name: 
Kathleen Graham
Program Contact Email: 
Organization and Writers: 
Barri Rosenbluth, FaithTrust Institute
Approximate Cost: 
Materials Included: 
DVD, lesson plans for six sessions, facilitator’s guide for either Jewish or Christian youth settings, and handouts for learners
Target Audience: 
High school-age students, young adults
No additional training is needed for the facilitator. Curriculum includes extensive guides and background information, as well as resources for the facilitator.
Length of Program: 
Six sessions, 50 minutes each
Summary of Curriculum: 
This is a multi-media curriculum that deals with issues of healthy relationships and dating violence from a non-religious perspective. The curriculum is open to a diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and sexual population and does not perpetuate stereotypes of relationship roles for males or females, gay or straight couples. The curriculum is careful to point out that both males and females can experience dating violence, as well as mentioning the existence of dating violence in same-sex couples. A separate guide is included in the curriculum to tailor the program to meet the needs of a Jewish population. The facilitator’s guide for working with Jewish youth uses Jewish texts and includes resources for teaching the topic. The author offers suggestions for using the curriculum during retreats and in classrooms.