Our Knowledge - Overview

Ma'yan is dedicated to understanding the challenges and issues of Jewish teenage girls, Ma'yan obtains and distributes its knowledge through a variety of programs and publications.

Programs for Girls
We're an incubator for projects and programs that give Jewish teen girls the opportunity to develop valuable real world skills while getting to know themselves, their culture and the world at large. At the same time, we use these sessions to develop and test curricula that can then be replicated by Jewish Youth Professionals within their own organizations.

Current Programs for Girls:
Research Training Internship
Social Justice Apprenticeship
Filmmaking Intensive

Workshops and Trainings for Parents and Educators
Our workshops and trainings help adults create safe, empowering spaces for young people of all ages. Our sessions emphasize topics like active listening skills, evaded issues, group dynamics, conflict resolution, and how to set boundaries with young people. Our offerings can be tailored to your specific setting and needs. For a detailed listing of our adult workshops and trainings, see here.

If you're interested in arranging a workshop or training for adults, or have questions, please contact Pippi Kessler at pippi@mayan.org

Documenting our findings and recommendations in research reports, white papers, articles and blog posts makes our thought leadership available to a broad audience for years to come.

Recent research:
Report: Pretty Soon We'll Be Taking Over: Voices and Perspectives of American Jewish Teen Girls
Article: What we learned about the possibilities post-b'nai mitzvah
White paper: The Long View: Fairness and Jewish History

As a feminist organization, Ma'yan is committed to working in partnership with allies and colleagues to achieve shared goals that improve the lives of Jewish teen girls and strengthen their communities.

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