Pippi Kessler

Pippi Kessler was the Program Director at Ma’yan from 2011-2014; she now serves as a Ma’yan consultant and the Education Director at ImmerseNYC. As Program Director, she co-led the Research Training Internship and “That’s Not Fair!” and led workshops for parents and teachers. She is also the Director of Rowe Young People’s Camp, a summer program for 8 through 11-year-olds in western Massachusetts, and leads conferences for parents and educators about the ethics of working with young people. She was the National Coordinator for The Mothers Circle program at the Jewish Outreach Institute, a support and education program for women of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. To contact Pippi about her training and consulting work, visit PippiKessler.org.