Social Justice Educators Group

The Group

Since 2012, we’ve been convening a diverse group of educators and activists who work on social justice issues in privileged communities. This can mean teaching white people about race, teaching affluent people about class, etc. We believe that there are common themes and issues when working on social justice issues with people in privileged positions.

The group meets quarterly to discuss our respective work around different themes in social justice including discomfort, community service, and self-care. The attendees come from Jewish and secular spaces, from high schools, colleges, community organizations, and congregations.

Why This Group?

At Ma’yan, we work with teens and adults who come from privileged backgrounds. What this means practically is that our interns, clients, and workshop attendees are often white, affluent, educated, and otherwise “well-off” in our society.

We also have a strong commitment to social justice in our work, which we believe has roots in Jewish thought and culture. We believe that the human community is interconnected and that addressing inequality is a moral imperative. These values are evident in our work with young people and our work with adults, whether we are talking about respecting kids or combating sexism in the classroom.

We noticed, in our work, that social justice educators in privileged spaces didn’t always have a larger network of allies to work with or share resources with. Some of us worked in organizations that didn’t share our views. Others of us worked outside of larger organizations. We wanted to change that. So we put out an open call, phoned our friends, tapped our networks, and now we have a quarterly working group.

Want to Know More?

If you have questions about the working group, or are interested in attending, please get in touch with Sonia at