Programs for Adults

We don’t just work with youth! Ma’yan provides programs for adults, including:

  • Workshops and trainings
  • Curricular consulting
  • Speaking engagements and presentations

Our goal is to support the work you do with high-quality, innovative content designed to teach pedagogical skills and ethical leadership from a feminist perspective. Ma’yan Program Director Sonia Alexander draws on her diverse experiences working with adults and young people in different communities in creating and presenting our workshops and trainings.

Our curriculum is flexible and can be tailored for a range of formats and audiences, including teens, parents, and educators. We work in Jewish and secular contexts, in nonprofit, activist, and educational settings.

Social Justice Educators Group

Social Justice Educators Group

Since 2012, we've been convening a diverse group of educators and activists who work on social justice issues in privileged communities. This can mean teaching white people about race, teaching affluent people about class, etc. ...

Active Listening

What does it mean to be a good listener? Listening is not a skill we are born with; it is a tool we develop. In our Active Listening workshop, we provide guidance in developing this powerful tool. Active listening can...