Core Programming

Ma’yan’s core programs are offered each year and cater to both youth and adults who are interested in learning more about intersectional feminism and in building relationships with like-minded people, passionate about social justice.


Ma’yan offers periodic events as part of the Working Social Justice Educators Group, a group that serves educators and activists interested in addressing power, privilege, and oppression in privileged communities. We offer events to discuss challenges in our work and build supportive connections with others. To hear more about upcoming events and to join the SJE mailing list, contact

You can also check this page to see upcoming JCC Manhattan events that are relevant to our work, and to get notifications and descriptions of sessions run by Ma’yan staff at conferences across the country.

Workshops and Consulting

Ma’yan conducts workshops and trainings, designed to help youth professionals and parents support young people. Our researchers and educators provide strategic, insightful, and action-oriented support designed to build strong communities and improve relationships between young people and adults.

We also offer consultations and workshops on the following topics:

  • privilege, power and oppression
  • Race, racism and the Jewish Community
  • Anti-Semitism and Christian-dominant culture
  • Anti-Semitism and class privilege
  • Gender identity and presentation
  • Jewish womanhood and normative femininity
  • Ageism and adultism
  • Alternative models for women and girls leadership

“Our teachers were huge (huge!) fans of the workshop. I can actually say with a high degree of confidence that in the past two and a half years, your workshop was the most well-received workshop our teachers experienced.  And they’ve experienced quite a lot of workshops :)”

Noah Hichenberg, Director of the Saul and Carole Zabar Nursery School