Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression

“Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression” is one of three white papers that Ma’yan prepared as handouts for That’s Not Fair! in Practice, a workshop designed to help educators bring into the classroom issues raised by our Political Theater Apprentices in their original production.  The show, also entitled “That’s Not Fair!,” was created over a ten-week period by eight Jewish girls ages 12-17.  The show uses a variety of theatrical modes and techniques to address issues of privilege, power, gender, race, and class, transforming the complaint, “that’s not fair!,” from a whiny teenage complaint into a powerful call to face up to injustice and inequality.

“Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression” presents a framework for educators to consider how issues of privilege and power shape the lives of Jewish teens.  These issues feature prominently in “That’s Not Fair!”  The white paper includes definitions and framing of terms and concepts, activities and discussion questions for educators, and print and online resources.

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