Before Ma'yan worked with teens, educators, and parents, we were innovators in the field of feminist Jewish ritual. Resources from our work in ritual are still available. To place an order for a shop item please contact Shayna Goodman.

The Journey Continues: The Ma'yan Haggadah

The core of Ma'yan's legendary women's Seders, The Journey Continues, edited by Tamara Cohen, contains everything you need to hold your own feminist Passover celebration. Emphasizing the role of women in the Exodus story, The Journey Continues weaves together text, verse, and songs both traditional and contemporary. It includes gender inclusive English blessings and transliterated Hebrew as well as both traditional and feminine Hebrew blessing. This new edition contains explicit directions and suggestions for activism. Words of songs written specifically for The Journey Continues by acclaimed composer and singer Debbie Friedman are included in the Haggadah.

Esther & Vashti Purim Flags

A new take on the traditional grager, the Esther & Vashti Purim Flags are constructed with bells to ring during the telling of the Megillah. Wave it whenever Esther's and Vashti's names are read to celebrate their heroism!

Ushpizot Poster

Invite your community to share in this feminist approach to welcoming guests during Sukkot. The women prophets of the Bible are depicted on this large, laminated, full-color poster as blocks of protecting wall held together with melted Shabbat candles mixed with gold powder. Each woman carries a piece of her own story which is also part of our people's story. The poster also includes all seven species, a symbol of the fruitfulness of Israel.

Be sure your Ushpizot poster gets hung in your community sukkah. After Sukkot the poster can be displayed in the synagogue, Hillel or JCC building and can be used as a springboard for other women's programs.

(Ushpizot Poster comes with activities & suggestions for use)